Branded employee videos to boost engagement and conversions

Put your employees front and centre and reap the rewards. VideoMyJob users report that they are able to achieve the following within 6-12 months.

91% of recruiters are creating stronger interview shortlists with video job ads.

Employer brand

Build a library of authentic employee video stories for as little as $200 per video.

Time to fill

Reduce time to fill by an average of 2 days.


Leverage employee networks to increase employee referrals and social advocay with employee generated content.

Showcase your workplace culture

After seeing actual people from your company talk about working there, it’s easier for candidates to imagine themselves in the role, working shoulder to shoulder with people they’ve just heard from first-hand. 55% of active job seekers say employee-generated video is more credible than company-produced video.

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Diversity and inclusion

Australia’s oldest employer developed a multi-channel video strategy to attract, convert and retain more women in transport roles.
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Build relationships, not lists

It’s challenging to connect and engage with candidates when a business recruits for hundreds of globally dispersed roles. Learn how Siemens are using video to be more human, and reaping the rewards.
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