Employer Branding

Connect with talent through storytelling

Build employer brand authenticity and engage the right candidates, with employee video content.

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Employer branding and video, the perfect match

Amplify Team Culture and EVP
Candidates have questions about culture, and they expect to hear directly from the most trusted source - your employees.
Make way for your employees to champion your diversity and inclusion, with a testimony of their own experiences.
Let's face it - conventional career sites are typically not engaging for talent. Bring it to life, with real stories from real people.
Position your employer brand to attract candidates, who actually share your company values. Think quality over quantity.
Video-led recruitment marketing - VideoMyJob

Capture the voice and stories of your people at scale

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Activate your people to easily create video content from anywhere

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Guide employees with questions, talking points, or full scripts

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Film on mobile or desktop browser in a self-serve fashion

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Receive employee videos back to your dashboard for review

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Brand compliant templates to fast track video editing

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Collect unlimited employee videos, to amplify your employer brand

Margot Moore, Hudson - VideoMyJob

Margot Moore

Global Brand Manager


"Giving visitors to our careers website access to a range of video content means that each individual can tailor their experience with our employer brand content based on what interests them."

Bryan Chaney, Workrise - VideoMyJob

Bryan Chaney

Director of Employer Branding


"Your employees have more credibility than your CEO. And understanding that people view that now, that's table stakes."

How to collect your employee stories, the easy way

Step 1

Plan your stories with video projects.

You have the power to streamline the entire content creation experience, with tailored video plans, calendar scheduling, and detailed instructions assigned to all the people you need to film.

Plan Video Projects - VideoMyJob
Collect video responses - VideoMyJob

Step 2

Collect all the responses in one place.

Everyone receives your filming request, submits their video through mobile or desktop browser - and then, everything is sent back to your dashboard - ready for review.

Step 3

Polish and publish, you're all set.

Use templated branding to add your logo and colors across all videos, with a few clicks. Then publish to social platforms, your career site, custom landing pages, or download to share as you need.

Publish your videos - VideoMyJob

Enrich your career site to truly showcase culture - with Story Feed

Enrich your career site with Story Feed - VideoMyJob
Authenticity - VideoMyJob
Impress with authenticity

Elevate your career site with a catalog of employee videos, each one telling the story of your organization.

One-time Install - VideoMyJob
One-time install

Our new Story Feed feature integrates with your career site using a single line of code.

Personalise Content - VideoMyJob
Personalise content

Set categories for candidates to easily filter through your employee stories, and find what matters to them.

Measure Engagement - VideoMyJob
Measure engagement

Gain a whole new insight into content performance and sentiment to help improve engagement.

Match your Brand - VideoMyJob
Match your brand

Apply your brand styling and graphics, to seamlessly integrate Story Feed into your site.

Progress the journey - VideoMyJob
Progress the journey

Set up your call to action to make it easy for the right candidates to learn more and get in touch.

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Employer Branding with VideoMyJob is 100% more awesome. True story.