Candidate Experience

Humanize your candidate comms

Show candidates respect at all stages with helpful video messages.

Humanize Candidate Comms - VideoMyJob

Candidate Experience, just add video

Elevate your company reputation
Attracting talent is harder than ever. Leave a positive sentiment across your key talent markets by embedding video in your candidate journey.
Start by putting a face to your comms, and then help candidates go for gold with tips and tricks to support them through the hiring process.
Transform your automated one-liner candidate updates to thoughtful video messages from an actual human for more effective communication to ensure future re-engagement.
You don't need free kombucha to win over the best candidate. Set yourself apart by providing the best candidate experience.
Candidate Experience - VideoMyJob

Elevate every phase of your candidate journey with video communications

Pre-recorded video messages - VideoMyJob

Pre-record video messages for each stage of the candidate journey

Video Dashboard - VideoMyJob

Host unlimited videos in a centralized dashboard

Unique Journeys - VideoMyJob

Create unique journeys with region or job family segmentation

Share Videos - VideoMyJob

Embed or share videos to enhance your candidate comms

Video Analytics - VideoMyJob

Use video analytics to track engagement and make improvements

Self Service Video Tools - VideoMyJob

Refresh your content at your own pace with self-service video tools

Karly George, BHP - VideoMyJob

Karly George

Principle Candidate Engagement

at BHP

"We wanted to make the candidate journey process as clear, transparent, and human as we possibly can. So what we started doing is embedding videos with hints and tips on the process explaining what's going to happen next or thanks for your application video."

Emily Haire, Leidos - VideoMyJob

Emily Haire

Talent Acquisition Leader

at Leidos

"We started to embed video in a lot of our processes. So, when candidates come in and interview with us, we've already sent an email with a video that actually tells them exactly what to expect in the interview process."

How to set and forget an “application received” video message

Step 1

Prepare your candidate communication talking points

Create a video plan and select the application received script template. Then draft your talking points to cover key candidate questions and what to expect next.

Prepare your candidate - VideoMyJob
Film video message - VideoMyJob

Step 2

Film your video message once, twice... as many times as you like

Adjust the teleprompter to your speaking pace, set the stage with a creative background, improve posture with our spirit level, and retake it as many times as you need.

Step 3

Get ready to publish, share and embed your video

Upload your polished video to your dashboard to share or embed to your applicant tracking system email communications using a cover image generator and unique URL.

Publish your videos - VideoMyJob
Analytics at your fingertips - VideoMyJob

Analytics at your fingertips

Track and manage your video engagement, and gain valuable insights with an in-built analytics dashboard

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Audience Retention

Circle Tick - VideoMyJob

Engagement - total mins watched

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Select time frames

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Video Views

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Share Link Tracker

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CTA Clicks

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Candidate comms without video is like having cereal without milk - Trust us!