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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in most cases we are able to offer a product trial - simply book a demo with our team to discuss your requirements and if a trial will be right for you.
All subscription plans have a 12 month commitment, which can be paid upfront or in monthly installments. Additional Teams can be added to existing commitments.
A small setup fee applies for new accounts. This covers the initial 8 week program to get you launched successfully - including team onboarding, configuration, branding, training, and support.
We offer both invoicing and credit card payment options. Either can be used for annual or monthly installments.
Each package listed is for one team. Additional teams can be added, allowing users to switch between teams. This is designed for managing business units, regions, or child companies.
Yes - additional seated User Licences can be purchased individually and added to a team. This is perfect for adding a few extra users, otherwise additional Teams might be more cost effective.
Film Only contacts can create and upload videos through a simplified app experience without a User Licence. This is ideal for capturing videos from employees or hiring manager.
Yes, a small 'Powered by VideoMyJob' footer will appear at the end of each video. The Enterprise package allows this to be removed by request.

Some of our older plans have different VideoMyJob branding. If you'd like to discuss updating to the newer packages, please contact your Customer Success manager.
All video production and editing is managed through the VideoMyJob mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.
No, connecting a YouTube channel is not mandatory to use VideoMyJob, but we strongly recommended it to capture video analytics and gain the full value of our platform.
Talent Campaigns enable candidates to respond to job ads and screening questions with a video created in the VideoMyTalent App, which can then be reviewed and shortisted.

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