Video marketing benefits for talent engagement

Why you need employee videos in your marketing mix

Now is the time to embrace video marketing for talent engagement

At VideoMyJob, we know that authentic employee-created video is an integral part of a successful talent engagement strategy. Our research has shown that video marketing clearly benefits attraction, engagement and retention metrics.

Video is your opportunity to put people back into your workflow. And VideoMyJob is the platform that will help you make professional-quality employee videos, at scale.

How does an employee video strategy influence talent metrics?

VideoMyJob and Social Talent’s first ‘State of Video in Talent’ survey confirmed that video content influences decision making and employer brand affinity throughout the entire talent lifecycle.

More than 600 talent professionals told us that candidates want to hear more from their future colleagues and managers. They also told us that employees are the most trusted messengers when it comes to explaining your company’s unique employee value proposition and benefits.

Global survey results confirm video marketing benefits & ROI

Video for candidate attraction and trust

Candidates want to hear from the people who do the work. Your future employees are looking for information that helps them to understand your company, the role, the culture and the work environment.

Authentic employee-created video content enriches the experience of candidates by providing them with access to the people they trust the most—your employees.

68% believe employees are the most trusted people to explain a company’s EVP.

88% of those using video have found it generates more responses from passive candidates.

78% of those using video believe it has helped increase the quality of applications.

Video for candidate experience and employee engagement

Talent professionals told us that the number one investment in 2020 would be employer brand projects. A strong and differentiated employer brand plays a key role in engaging and delighting target talent.

Video is fast becoming the medium of choice for all generations (not just Gen Z, who already spend 70% more time watching video than reading!)
93% of respondants have watched an employer branded video to learn more about a company.
63% of respondants have recommended an employer based on their employer branding.

Employee video for onboarding and training

The majority of employees prefer learning material to have a video component, with more than 96% watching videos to learn about new tools or techniques. The ‘State of Video in Talent’ survey revealed that the most trusted people to deliver training are your own employees.
Video is the preferred medium for training delivery
A combination of text and video
Watch a short video or a series of videos
Attend a face-to-face workshop
Read a text-based guide with images
Participate in a webinar
The most trusted people to deliver training are your own employees
A fellow practitioner
A well-known industry influencer
An academic or professional trainer

Video return on investment

Video is now firmly embedded in the recruitment marketing and communication strategies of many talent professionals who have seen a strong return on investment (ROI).

Our research tells us that those who have started on their employee-created video journey intend to continue; with 85% stating that video is providing a good return on investment and 95% intending to spend more or the same on video in the next 12 months.


85% of respondants believe video gives a good return on investement.


95% of respondants who use video intend to spend the same or more on video.
If a modern worker’s greatest fear is being replaced by a robot, now is the time to build new skills that set us apart and leverage technology for making better human connections.

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