Video is the hardest working recruitment marketing tool

Why you need a video recruitment marketing tool

Video is a powerful way to build your employer brand, communicate your employee value proposition and reach hard-to-find talent.

Humans love video, search engines love video and video creates higher engagement. In fact 88% of those using video have found it generates more responses from passive candidates and 78% of those already using video have found it to increase the quality of applicants.

But where can recruiters and talent teams add video into their recruitment marketing strategy?

Video Success Flywheel

Employer Brand
Employee stories
Employee value prop
Team value prop
Employee Engagement
Video bios
Team events
Executive comms
General comms
Recruitment Marketing
Job ad
Recruitment process
Talent programs
Employee Onboarding
Acceptance & welcome
Learning & development
Recruitment Marketing Employee Engagement Employer Brand Employee Onboarding

“Since we've been on VideoMyJob, the candidate experience has improved tremendously and it really shows ... people stay on our job postings 4 minutes longer when there's a video [in our job ad].”

Eleni Efstratiades

Global Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM), Siemens

How to create a recruitment marketing video funnel

Recruitment can be broken down into four stages: awareness, consideration, desire and application. Video ads and video messages can bolster recruitment marketing across all four stages (and beyond).

Awareness: Do they know who you are? Share short video content on your dedicated social channels and leverage your employees in both the creation and sharing of video stories. This can increase awareness of your employer brand with both job seekers and passive talent.
Consideration: Would they consider working for you? Share specific stories about projects, employee benefits such as volunteer programs and mentoring to generate interest in your employee value proposition, and encourage candidates to research further or sign up to your talent pool or job alert.
Desire: Are you their ideal employer? Video job descriptions that make candidates feel like they would be a good fit, speak directly to candidates and call for action.
Application: Video applications and video interviews give candidates the flexibility to connect from anywhere, at any time, at their convenience and make the application process more candidate-centric across the recruitment funnel.
As you can see, recruitment marketing videos can be strategically used throughout the recruitment process to nurture and engage with talent pools, building lasting relationships.

Leverage your employer brand advocates

Thanks to technology and social media, marketing is no longer the guardian of brand. Both corporate and employer brand are in the hands of your employees—and customers. 84 percent of people trust peer-to-peer recommendations over any other form of advertising according to marketing magazine, the Drum. It's easy to see that this applies to recruitment marketing too.

It’s vital to get everyone who can amplify your employer brand on-board, from front-line staff to hiring managers. Afford employees some freedom on social media and encourage them to build their own personal brand by sharing elements of their working lives with others. Consider how you can utilize employee-created video content on enterprise social networks, internal Facebook groups and on your career social channels.

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