Recruitment Marketing

Cut through to candidates with authenticity

Get better reach and engagement to fill challenging roles, with video job ads.

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Recruitment marketing with the video difference

Better Engage Job Seekers
Relying on text-only job ads is old school - give candidates a stronger sense of what your role is all about.
Candidates want to know who they'll be working for and what the team is like before they apply.
Expand your reach by empowering employees to post your video job ad on socials through improved shareability.
Enable your talent team to leverage video when planning how to take hard-to-fill roles to market.
Video-led recruitment marketing - VideoMyJob

The power of video, in the hands of your talent team

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Set and forget video branding and keep it compliant

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Get everyone on message with scripting templates and a teleprompter

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Schedule a deadline and assign instructions to stay on track

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Collaborate with hiring managers and team members via remote filming

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Spice up the content with b-roll video, caption overlays and graphics

Authenticity - VideoMyJob

Auto-generate subtitles for accessibility and social sharing

Andy O'Dell, Aurecon - VideoMyJob

Andy O'Dell

Senior Recruitment & Sourcing Consultant at Aurecon

"Candidates directly quote our video content back to us at interviews, and share that it is a key reason for their interest in Aurecon as an employer of choice"

Quila Cervelli, RMIT University - VideoMyJob

Quila Cervelli

(Former) Global Employer Branding Manager at RMIT University

"Our most successful video job ad to date features a woman, and it had 21,000 views and 4000 minutes watched. We've built case studies off that success and embedded it in hiring manager briefs to help show the importance of video."

How to get your video job ad ready in under 20 minutes.

Step 1

Prepare your message and assign the script

Get the video happening without slowing down your standard recruitment workflow, with templates, calendar scheduling, and filming instructions assigned to your hiring manager or team members.

Prepare Script - VideoMyJob
Guided filming experience - VideoMyJob

Step 2

Support your team with guided filming experience

Take advantage of the light-balancing silhouette, spirit level, and teleprompter all designed to build confidence and capture quality content regardless of previous video skills.

Step 3

Add the final touch and you're ready to share

Easily trim footage, apply name straps and choose a cover image. Automated top and tail branding make it look professional. Add a description and "Apply Now" button to generate your video landing page.

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Skyrocket your reach - VideoMyJob

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Recruitment Marketing - VideoMyJob

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Candidate Experience

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I love written job ads with some solid dot points - said no candidate ever.