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What is an employer brand?

Your employer brand is a living thing, it exists in the hearts and minds of your former, current and future employees.

A positive employer brand— sometimes referred to as your ‘talent’ or ‘people’ brand —communicates that your organization is a good employer and a great place to work. Having a positive employer brand supports recruitment efforts, and the engagement and retention of current employees.

We’re not here to offer you advice on developing your employer brand, what we can provide is a robust employer branding video solution that helps the people tasked with documenting and promoting your employer brand capture authentic, real-time employer branding videos. Unhindered by location, language or equipment, with VideoMyJob, managing employee-created content is easy.

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"With VideoMyJob (I love them, I think they're great) everything is video-first, everything we do … our teams within digital tech and data use it, they send messages both internally and externally - and that's the one thing we've seen that's working, authentic content.."

Chris Wray

Head of Recruitment Strategy, Sainsbury's

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How to communicate and amplify your employer brand with video

Employer branding is how you market your company to the talent you’re looking to attract. You can do this by showcasing your organization’s unique cultural differentiators, and amplifying them to position your company as a desirable place to work.

Talent Board research tells us that 66% of candidates conduct their own research and that company culture is the most important employer branding content for 39% of candidates. Our own research tells us that candidates want more transparency and authenticity from employers. The most authentic, credible and effective way to communicate your employer brand to future talent is by giving your employees the power to create and share their own stories.

You spend a lot of time researching, crafting and molding your employer brand to appeal to the right talent segments and personas, until now it has been cost-prohibitive to create unique stories for each of those segments. VideoMyJob makes creating employer branding videos at scale, across teams and locations affordable.

What makes a good employer brand video?

Did you know, 68% of people trust online content from your employees, rather than corporate brand messages?

Job seekers crave authenticity and transparency. They want to hear from real people. As an employer, you want to reach these job seekers. Employee-generated video is the way to do it and make your message credible.

The key components of an effective employer branding video

Your culture is your people; be true to it when producing a video. This means showcasing real employees at all levels of your company.
If the only thing candidates remember is a superficial catchphrase (think ‘innovation’) you didn’t go deep enough. What makes your employees thrive? What kind of work do they get to do, and why should job seekers care?
Can your audience hear and understand what’s being said? Do you have subtitles for accessibility and sharing on social media? Is the video fuzzy or pixelated? Are you visually reinforcing your brand with captions, outros and graphics?

Of course, you’ll end up with a generic recruitment video if you try to please everyone and you refuse to show the challenges alongside the rewards. A good employer brand is as much about deflection as it is about attraction, don’t shy away from telling the whole story.

Our Customer Success team is here to help you on your video journey, from technical support to video coaching, we offer support for every aspect of video production and promotion.

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