The best way to create in-house induction & employee onboarding video

What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of formally inducting new employees into your organization, making them feel welcome and immersed in your company’s culture, as well as introducing them to the tools and teams they will be working with.

Many employee onboarding programs are heavily reliant on online forms and digital paperwork. Employee onboarding and induction videos can help to make your induction process more memorable and more human.

Employee retention is heavily influenced by onboarding. 40% of employees who have a poor onboarding experience are disengaged after just three months and wouldn’t recommend the organization to others.

Benefits of onboarding
Companies with an onboarding program retained 91% of their first-year workers.
New hires with a well structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to remain at a company for up to three years.
Onboarding improves company ROI by more than $79,000/ year.

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"We've been able to help a lot of our clients successfully onboard new staff remotely. Having the team record introduction and welcome messages for their new starters has really helped break the ice on day one, show off team culture and accelerate time to productivity.”

Kate Cameron

Senior Consultant | Business Support, QLD Government

How to enhance your employee onboarding program with video

Having a stellar onboarding experience is critical to employee retention. Administration is the traditional core of onboarding, and while paperwork and other routine tasks must be completed, don’t forget that people love to join organisations that align with their values and beliefs. It’s important to keep reinforcing your culture, brand and unique style to new starters and video is an excellent way to communicate culture and style while reinforcing brand.

Video has the additional benefit of being mobile friendly, and compatible with multiple delivery formats across devices. In a world where remote work and distributed workforces are becoming more common, video has the added benefit of ensuring your people are the most memorable aspect of onboarding, regardless of your HR team’s physical location.

Companies using VideoMyJob are creating effective employee onboarding experiences with the following employee-created videos:
Introduce new team member
Introduce new team member internally
Hiring Manager welcome video
CEO welcome
Team introduction
Company vision, values & history
Ensure your new starter is set up for success and already feels like a member of the team before they even set foot in the door.
Things they wish they knew before starting
Desk/office tours
How-to videos
Team lingo & terminology
Create videos for repeatable processes so that you can spend one-to-one time getting to know your new starter, not explaining what OKR means or watching them try to create memorable 16 digit passwords for each software platform they need access to.
Learning & Development
Technical training
Safety training
Quality training
Soft skills & skills training
An effective training program is vital for an enriched onboarding experience, and our research is clear, most employees prefer learning to be delivered on video.

Video can replace or enhance learning modules on essential software and one-on-one sessions with a line manager. How-to videos on everything from correct safety procedures to customer role-plays can be crowdsourced from your own employees.
Project updates
Things I’ve learnt
It's important to have regular check-ins to make sure that your new employee is comfortable, happy and engaged. Reviewing and giving thoughtful feedback on your new hire's early contributions is an important part of onboarding, as is gathering feedback and documenting your new employees progress and contributions.

To create a memorable first impression (for the right reasons!) you need to up the level of warmth during onboarding. This can be easily achieved by enhancing every onboarding touchpoint with employee-created video.

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