Make video easy with our video production software

Streamline video collaboration and production with our suite of easy to use Android, iOS and desktop apps.

Streamlined video collaboration and production

VideoMyJob’s Android & iOS apps help teams produce and distribute quality, branded video content quickly and cost-effectively.

Plan & Manage

With self-paced training modules, a script wizard and quick how-to guides we'll have your team up-to-speed on video production essentials in no time.

You provide logos, brand colors and a web safe font. We create video templates that keep the whole team on-brand, always.


Create templates for brands, sub-brands and departments that meet your unique brand guidelines.

Asset library

Store approved rich media files. Organize your library with folders, bulk upload and search. Storage upgrades available.

Scripts library

All good movies have great scripts. Our powerful scripting tools will help you create compelling videos.

Video plan

Select your script template, edit and assign filming tasks. You can even schedule filming time in your teammate’s calendar.

Team admin

Invite new team members from desktop or app. Monitor team member activation and video production from one page.

Public feed

Get inspiration and connect with other professionals with access to a live feed of public videos created by the VideoMyJob community.

Language support

Native iOS and Android mobile and web apps in English, French and German.

Tech support

Live chat support in-app and on desktop for any technical issues.


Comprehensive video and written guides to help you get the most out of video.


Create friendly competition amongst your team with leaderboards designed to encourage engagement.


All videos created on the VideoMyJob app are hosted on your company’s connected YouTube channel.


Use the tripod and our iOS or Android app to record your video. The teleprompter helps you stay on message, and the screen guide positions you for perfect audio and lighting.
Unlimited video

There is no limit to the number of videos that can be produced on your account.

Unlimited scripts

Build your own library of scripts or use our templates to help you structure your video content.


Master your camera presence with the assistance of our on-screen autocue.

Hardware kits

A lightweight tripod, with built-in LED, provides stability and lighting for polished and professional videos.

Spirit level

Record screen guides to help you capture perfectly level footage.

Position guide

Silhouettes to assist you to position yourself for optimum audio, lighting and framing.

Pre-recorded video

Add branding and captions to pre-recorded footage with our import video feature.

Video resolution

Videos are processed at 1080p HD, sharp no matter what screen size you are viewing on.


Our templates give you peace of mind that every video will be on-brand. Trim footage, add overlays, select cover images and more to create the finished product.

Trim unwanted footage from the start and end of your video in four taps. Audio bars help you select the perfect moment.

Video overlays

Add B-roll footage from the asset library or your device to create dynamic videos. Video overlays can be shot on different devices.

Image overlays

Upload png and jpg files from the asset library or your device to add photos, diagrams and graphics to support your message.

Text overlays

Add dynamic, full screen and regular text captions to emphasise your key messages.


Set intro and outro text straps to introduce yourself and include your contact details or website in every video.

Asset library

Save storage on your device by importing png, mp4 and jpg files from the team’s asset library during editing.

Timeline editing

User friendly graphic timeline to help you edit quickly and efficiently.

Cover image

Edit video titles and choose from a suite of cover designs for eye-catching and on-brand video thumbnails.

Video SEO

Increase your reach with editable titles, video descriptions and a call to action for all your videos.


Your videos are automatically saved to projects so you can resume editing, send to a colleague or edit a copy at any time.

Remote editing

Quickly send video projects between your team for in-app editing and approval.

Background upload

Hassle-free video upload; start editing large video files instantly.


Insert trackable links and share your video via email and SMS. Expand your reach with organic social distribution and paid Facebook and YouTube ads.

Draft or 'staging' status allows managers and teams to review and approve videos before publishing.


A choice of privacy settings depending on your target audience. Videos can be set to draft, unlisted or public.

Social sharing

Share to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn right from the app with just a couple of taps.

Paid social

Expand your reach with in-app paid social video advertising. Use target keywords to get your video in front of more people.

Email campaigns

Send emails with embedded videos straight to your team, candidates and clients.

Video landing pages

Branded video landing pages with our unique URLs help you compare engagement and clicks across distribution channels.

Chrome extension

Access your entire VideoMyJob library from your browser; easy sharing with embed code, thumbnails and more.


Download your MP4 video direct from the app or dashboard and share or save anywhere.

App analytics

Aggregated analytics pulled from the social platforms your public videos are shared to.


Get notifications for communication platforms like Slack, customise integrations with job boards and your ATS.


Track your videos's performance, including number of views, minutes watched and email click throughs. Track your team's progress with aggregated reports.

Track the number of paid and organic views for each published video.


Minutes watched and abandonment averages to help you improve your content.


Track the number of people that have seen your video in their feed; organic and paid data.


Video interactions such as likes, comments and shares.

Email campaign insights

Email opens, unique landing page visits and landing page call-to-action click throughs.

Team activation

Keep on top of who in your team has been invited, who has activated their account and who is utilising their license.

Team analytics

Aggregated user and account analytics such as videos created, videos published and team leaderboards.

Video landing page insights

See who has visited your landing page, watched your video and clicked your call-to-action links.

App analytics

Aggregated analytics pulled from the social platforms your public videos are shared to.


Get notifications for communication platforms like Slack, customise integrations with job boards and your ATS.

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