Branded video production, made easy for teams.

Professional video content creation and sharing, made fast and affordable with our video platform and mobile apps.

Affordable video production

Employee created video

With VideoMyJob it's now achievable to build your own affordable in-house video production service, with employee-created video. Employee-created video, sometimes known as employee-generated video – is exactly what it sounds like – video content created by your very own employees.

Celebrate your employees

For employer brand and HR teams, employee videos contribute to engagement and retention. Celebrate your employees and give them a platform to share stories about company culture and #life at your company.

Share it anywhere

For recruitment marketers, VideoMyJob will help you curate employee-generated video content that can be repurposed for social media, career sites, recruitment communications, job postings and more.

Amplify your employer brand

Your employees are on social media, where they are probably already talking about you, whether you ask them to or not. Having an employee video strategy will help you empower and guide your team to share their stories and amplify your employer brand.

Why choose VideoMyJob to create employee videos?

‌Our 'built for talent' video platform is a professional and simple solution to create and share employee-generated video. From video job ads and employee stories, to onboarding and induction, it's so easy to create videos with VideoMyJob, you’ll soon be enhancing (or replacing) all of your dull, faceless text communications with video.

Power your people communications with our Video Success Flywheel and make authentic video an integral part of your talent engagement process.

Produce unlimited video content

Unlike outsourced video production services, with VideoMyJob building a video library is cost-effective. You can enhance every communication with employee-created video, without worrying about the price tag.
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Reduce video turn-around time from weeks to hours

Take back control of your video output and create your own in-house video production service. With brand templates, high-speed processing and built-in approvals you can go from ‘action’ to publish in less than an hour.
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Build your brand equity

Customized brand templates, integrated company channels, shared script and asset libraries mean that you can relax knowing every video is on-message and on-brand.
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Enable video collaboration across departments and locations

Forget about sending large files, costly desktop software and complex logistics. Shoot in Paris, edit in Phoenix and publish in Perth without leaving the app.
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Track all of your team’s videos in one place

Know at all times which videos are performing, who is creating and publishing content and how video is impacting your business.
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Publish to any video-enabled platform

No more waiting for developers to prioritize your request! With VideoMyJob you can add video to email, SMS, web pages and social media with a single click.
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Become video experts

Training and support for every style of learner. Because our solution is built for talent teams, all of our video plans, script templates and training are specific to the candidate and employee journey.
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