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Randstad Education use video to put their ‘human forward’ philosophy into practice, building stronger relationships with candidates and clients.

"We use video for high volume recruits where the consultants are really introducing themselves, on video, to potential new casual staff. With video, we can give a real face to the person they will be in touch with every day.”

Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns

General Manager Education


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About Randstad Education

With locations in every capital city in Australia, the Randstad Education team is the biggest and most experienced education and childcare staffing agency in the country. A division of global HR services industry leader Randstad, they source permanent, temporary and contract roles in early years education, primary and secondary school, out-of-school/vacation care and further education across Australia.

Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns is the General Manager Education at Randstad. She’s been with Randstad for over 5 years and she has been supporting clients with staff recruitment, building talent pools, staff development, online rostering and general support since 2006.

The recruitment team's challenge

We live in an era of constant technological change, the way we live, work and relate to each other is transforming rapidly New, digital HR solutions are disrupting the market and drastically changing the way people connect to jobs while clients and candidates expect to be serviced anywhere, anytime, and through any device.

“Being a high volume and fast-paced sector, in a country such as Australia … we have the challenge of reaching people who are very dispersed, 24/7 if we can. What we really tried to address with VideoMyJob is to put Randstad’s ‘human forward’ philosophy into our day to day work.”
Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns

General Manager Education

To meet the demands of today’s customers Randstad apply digital innovations to improve their services and to create processes that are smart, simple and efficient. But they recognize these efficiencies for what they are: a means to free up their people to focus on the goal of creating an HR experience that is more human.

One of the biggest challenges facing Randstad Education consultants is building and managing relationships for high volume temporary roles, in addition to challenges relating to distance with candidates and clients across Australia, where education centres from early learning to university are scattered throughout both city centres and regional areas.

“We use video for high volume recruits where the consultants are really introducing themselves, on video, to potential new casual staff. With video, we can give a real face to the person they will be in touch with every day.”
Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns

General Manager Education

The recruitment video initiative

Working in a cross-functional team comprising business leaders, recruitment consultants and an HR tech product owner, Randstad embarked on an ambitious plan to enhance every new Randstad job opening with a video.

The goal was to ensure that every opportunity advertised was leveraged by Randstad to put one of their own humans front and centre and build personal connections.

The first phase of the project was carried out in 2017, with a primary goal of introducing video as a business as usual component of life at Randstad, this included:

  • Leading: the management team at Randstad led the way with internal video communications and video job ads.
  • Training: Randstad invested in onsite training and adopted a continuous learning approach, taking advantage of the customer success support offered by VideoMyJob as well as the self-serve resources available online.
  • Adoption: KPIs were created and enforced around the inclusion of video in all advertised openings.
“We really helped our consultants learn how to use video and we led from the front, every manager in our division did their own video when they were recruiting for internal staff ... it wasn’t just us telling our staff to use video, we really adopted it ourselves as well, and showed that no-one is hired as an anchorman/woman in this company! ”
Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns

General Manager Education


See how Randstad Education use video to introduce the team and welcome new casuals

The video recruitment results

It has taken persistent training and practice to address consultant concerns around the time it takes to build this new skill. Teaching consultants to consider the long-term benefits of pipeline and network building with video has also been a mindset shift, many of Randstad’s experienced consultants already have a candidate in mind when they receive a requisition, so they needed to shift how they calculated their time investment in each rec.

“One of the first things we had to address, was to say, don’t look at it from a perspective of how much time do you lose at this stage, look at the impact the video will have in the long run, to pipeline future candidates. It may not be for this role, but our business is ongoing, so who can you attract for the future?”
Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns

General Manager Education

Randstad’s greatest successes have been for roles in regional and remote areas. It’s not always possible to go out and physically meet with all candidates or clients but VideoMyJob has helped Randstad to close that gap and builder stronger relationships - creating repeat and new referral business - between city-based consultants and candidates and clients in remote areas.

An unexpected success has been consultants using the tool to reverse-market candidates to clients. Consultants using VideoMyJob to interview candidates and sharing the video introductions with prospective employers have secured employment for their candidate, as well as impressing both clients and candidates.

“It’s a good branding exercise, it’s nice to see Randstad pop up all over the internet with videos that look really really good and show how great our consultants are.”
Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns

General Manager Education

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