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people2people have increased the quality and quantity of candidate flow with their video marketing strategy.

“We are in a market peak, and it’s important that we get the infrastructure invested in and implemented before a downturn happens. Building, protecting and positioning our brand, managing our core business more efficiently, and standing out are all critical to our ongoing success”.

Mark Smith

Managing Director


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About people2people

people2people are the fastest growing recruitment organisation in Asia Pacific, who pride themselves on their ability to access the best talent, fast.

One of their key reasons for success is their commitment to excelling at sourcing and in particular sourcing through social media.

The recruitment team's challenge

In a full employment market, standing out from the crowd is essential.

To support their rapid growth plans, people2people needed to connect with both clients and candidates in a new and engaging way.

They wanted something that would allow them to stand out from the inmails, emails and phone messages that top talent – and employers – are receiving every day.

They also wanted a way to let their clients and candidates get to know them and their offering quickly and conveniently.

“Our millennial candidates speak a new language about value - it’s not just about remuneration and benefits, so how do you outline the more intrinsic value drivers without visuals? Behaviourally they are also digital natives, so how else do you capture their attention if not with the video medium they were born using?”
Mark Smith

Managing Director

The recruitment video initiative

people2people chose to use VideoMyJob as a smart way to help them produce quality video content quickly and cost effectively.

They deploy video in recruitment job advertising and in their customer marketing strategy.

“The power of VideoMyJob is that it allows you to stand out with video and to better showcase your unique difference through video”
Mark Smith

Managing Director


See how people2people use VideoMyJob to create bi-lingual video job ads

The video recruitment results

In the last two years, people2people have published nearly 2000 video job ads to YouTube and Facebook and received over 400,000 views.

Their website today accounts for 17% of all their candidate flow; they have received more than 600,000 unique visitors in the last 2 years.

This has increased their candidate pool to almost 1M candidates today, and their candidate flow is increasingly better qualified as a result of having better insight into the roles that they are applying for.

people2people use video in a range of ways with clients, who report that they find it more engaging and more insightful than a report, email or voice message. They have also found it helps to introduce the business more quickly and easily in new markets where neither their brand nor consultants are yet well known.

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