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What is employee engagement and why is it important?

Globally, CEOs rank attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal concern. Why? They know that if employees are engaged and happy—customers will receive better service—and that leads to bottom line success!

An engaged employee feels invested in your organization, is motivated to perform at their best, and goes above and beyond to contribute to your organization’s mission and values. And importantly, highly engaged teams show greater profitability.

The opportunity to build employee engagement with video starts immediately—in the onboarding experience—and continues with every communication; HR updates, team events, training opportunities and company announcements.

One of the core components of an engaged workforce is exceptional communication, which is where video comes in.

Video Success Flywheel

Employer Brand
Employee stories
Employee value prop
Team value prop
Recruitment Marketing
Job ad
Recruitment process
Talent programs
Employee Onboarding
Acceptance & welcome
Learning & development
Recruitment Marketing Employee Engagement Employer Brand Employee Onboarding

How to use video to increase employee engagement

If your business is to thrive in 2020 and beyond, you've got to show your face. You've got to show up. Lead. Show people who you are. Employee-created video is by far the easiest way to, literally, show up.

Showing up can be hard to manage if you’re accustomed to keeping your communications comfortably colorless and neutral—more brand, less character. Every employer brand needs human voices. Your employer brand is made up of humans after all, isn’t it?

One out of four people distrusts their employer, according to the 2019 Edelman “Trust Barometer.” This is a critical issue because employees who have trust in their employer are far more likely to engage in beneficial actions on their behalf. To create an environment and culture that supports transparency, change and commitment, give your leaders the training, tools and platforms to communicate your vision effectively via video.

Your brand needs visible spokespeople to lend credibility and build trust. More than traditional email, video is the perfect medium for:

Corporate communications
Executive communications
Market intelligence
Survey participation and survey results
Company announcements
Team building, rewards and recognition
Video introductions
Team events
Project updates
Celebrations & milestones
Before you reach for your keyboard, consider if your message could be delivered with more empathy, more enthusiasm and more impact on video.

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